This is CROB, born and raised in the Netherlands, has been mixing it up for over ten years! Driven by passion and energy he always delivers that magical sound to make the crowd go wild!

His passion for music started at an early age, going all the way back to experimenting with audio cassette recordings and mixing vinyl. Over the years he constantly adapted and embraced new sounds.

Known for his technical skills, flair and pushing musical boundaries. When behind the decks, he always keeps the baseline humming.

With bookings at at the iconic Tomorrowland festival, Ratjetoe Festival, his own signatory ‘This is CROB & Friends’-livestream, worldwide performances (e.g. Spain, Belgium, Viet Nam) and his own monthly show at EJR Radio, This is CROB has shown he’s here to stay!


For more music check out the official This is CROB Spotify & SoundCloud channels.

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Sometimes they say getting a kid is the most beautiful thing in the world. I don’t have children yet, but I think this [Playing at Tomorrowland] tops it. It’s a bold statement but at this moment, definitely.

This is CROB